The Rise And Fall Of Ben Gordon: A Closer Look At The Career Af A Once-Promising NBA Star


Benjamin Ashenafi Gordon, was born 41 years ago today, on April 4, 1983, in London, England. Gordon moved to the United States as an infant and grew up in Mount Vernon, New York, where he played high school basketball for the Mount Vernon Knights, leading them to the 2000 New York State Public and Federation Championships. His talent caught the attention of college recruiters, and he eventually chose to attend the University of Connecticut.

At UConn, Gordon made a significant impact. As a freshman, he hit the game-winning three-point shot against Villanova in the Big East tournament. In his sophomore year, he averaged a team-leading 19.5 points and earned Second Team All-Big East honors. His junior year was even more impressive, with a team-leading 20.5 points per game and memorable performances, including an 81-point game in the Big East Tournament.

In the 2004 NBA Draft, the Chicago Bulls selected Gordon as the third overall pick. He made an immediate impact, becoming the first rookie ever to win the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year Award.

Gordon’s NBA career started strong. He played for the Chicago Bulls (2004–2009), Detroit Pistons (2009–2012), Charlotte Bobcats (2012–2014), Orlando Magic (2014–2015), and briefly for the Golden State Warriors (2015). His scoring ability and clutch performances were notable, and he holds the NBA record for most three-point field goals in a game without a miss (9).

However, Gordon faced challenges. Injuries affected his playing time, and younger talent began to overshadow him. His once-prolific scoring ability waned, and stamina issues emerged. His career trajectory shifted, and he struggled to find his rhythm. 

After he officially hung up his sneakers he made headlines for getting arrested four times within one year. In 2017 Ben Gordon first was arrested, after freaking out at his apartment complex and pulling multiple fire alarms. A couple of months later came Ben Gordon’s second arrest of the year. This time he had lost it completely and was hospitalized. He was sending threatening videos to people in the days before a violent standoff with a woman in his NYC gym.

Arrest number three was due to Gordon being pulled over with a forged license plate, before arrest number four on a felony robbery charge.

Today, Gordon focuses on post-playing endeavors, including owning a sports rehab and recovery clinic named “Of Our Own.”

Ben Gordon’s journey is a reminder of the highs and lows in professional sports. His college dominance, NBA accolades, and struggles all contribute to a complex legacy.

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