Stephon Marbury Slams Jay-Z Saying He Hasn’t Done Anything Food For The African-American Community

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Chris Carlson

Stephon Marbury Slams Jay-Z Saying He Hasn’t Done Anything Food For The African-American Community


New York legend Stephon Marbury was guest on the podcast and delivered some serious punches towards another New York legend, rapper and producer Jay-Z.

After a successful NBA career, the two-time All-Star went to China in the summer of 2009, where he would become an absolute superstar, winning MVP titles and championships. Starbury lived up to his nickname and China rewarded him with a museum, a movie and a statue.

Now back in the U.S. Marbury has been very vocal on many topics and seems to be picking his fights, going only after some of the greatest.

First, he went after LeBron James, and now against Jay-Z. Marbury made some serious accusations against the rap mogul and is convinced that Jay-Z not only hasn’t done anything good for the African-American community, but also caused lot of damage by promoting selling drugs.

Additionally, Marbury believes Jay-Z was the one selling them in the first place:


“I look at Jay-Z, and I say, ‘Wow, here you are trying to be something that you’re not. You’re not an advocate for Black people, you sold drugs to Black people, and you rapped about it and talked about it. How do you do that? Like, I’m trying to figure that part out; like, you can’t make that right. This ain’t snitching, this ain’t telling on nobody, you told on yourself already. You already told people what it is that you do and how you do it and how you feel about what you’re doing. So, how are you rapping about something that you did? I’m confused. I don’t know.

You sold drugs to people where you’re from Jay-Z in Brooklyn in Marcy, you got them on crack, you got them on whatever it is c—— whatever it is that you were selling to them. “Whatever you say you was ‘cooking up’, that’s what you did. So now, you got your people high, you sold drugs to women that were pregnant now you created crack babies — these same babies that are going out killing grandparents … I’m confused. But that’s what it is. That’s what happened.”


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