Stephen Jackson Weighs In On The Greatest Of All Time Debate

AP Photo/Chuck Burton

Stephen Jackson Weighs In On The Greatest Of All Time Debate


Former NBA player Stephen Jackson has decided to weigh in his opinion regarding the arguably most controversial basketball discussion of today — the GOAT debate. Jackson, who enjoyed a 14-year career in the NBA, has played against three of the most iconic players in the league history, whose names are very popular in these comparisons and conversations; namely Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. 

Recently, Jackson jumped on his Instagram account and published his own recorded video where he presents a pretty interesting argument.  




The GOAT debate has awakened and entered into another level with the release of the ‘The Last Dance’ documentary that features Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, a documentary that has become a highly anticipated for basketball fans who desire to revisit the dominance and greatness of Michael Jordan.

While everyone is enjoying the documentary, comparisons remain to surface as a lot of people believe that this shows the utter advantage of Michael Jordan to anyone who has graced the basketball court; with a lot of attention drifting towards LeBron whose quest to be the Greatest Player of All Time is on clear display.

On the other hand, people will most likely defend who they grew up watching, and each one of us has a more preferable basketball player. Thus, making this debate a never-ending conversation. But I guess we’ll just have to live with it.

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