Grant Hill Addresses Jaylen Brown’s Olympic Roster Snub And Nike Speculation

USA Basketball


In a recent turn of events, Team USA’s executive director Grant Hill found himself addressing rumors and speculations surrounding the exclusion of NBA Finals MVP Jaylen Brown from the Olympic roster. The controversy began after Derrick White was named Kawhi Leonard’s replacement on the roster, which led to Bown, who has been vocal about his criticisms of Nike, insinuating that his omission might be linked to his strained relationship with the sportswear giant.

Jaylen Brown took to social media to express his disappointment and hinted at a possible influence from Nike regarding his exclusion. Brown’s cryptic posts and direct tagging of Nike led many to believe that his outspoken stance against the company might have played a role in the decision. This theory gained traction given Brown’s history of criticizing Nike, especially after the company distanced itself from Kyrie Irving in 2022.



Grant Hill, however, was quick to dispel these rumors. In a press conference, Hill emphasized that the decision was purely based on basketball considerations.


“For a good portion of my career, I wore Fila,” Hill joked, highlighting that brand affiliations had no bearing on the selection process. He further explained, “This is about putting together a team… a team that complements each other, a team that fits”.



Hill elaborated on the challenges of selecting a roster, noting that with only 12 spots available, tough decisions had to be made.


“One of the hardest things is leaving people off the roster that I’m a fan of, that I look forward to watching throughout the season, throughout the playoffs,” Hill said.


He stressed that the primary goal was to assemble a team that had the best chance of winning a gold medal.

From a basketball standpoint, the choice to include Derrick White over Jaylen Brown was strategic. White, known for his defensive prowess, was seen as a better fit for the team’s needs, especially in the absence of Kawhi Leonard. Hill’s decision underscores the importance of team dynamics and the need for players who can complement each other’s skills on the court.

While the speculation around Nike’s influence may persist among fans, Hill’s clarification aims to put the focus back on basketball. As Team USA prepares for the upcoming Olympics, the emphasis remains on building a cohesive unit capable of bringing home the gold.

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