ESPN Cropped Toni Kukoc Out Of ‘The Last Dance’ Promo Graphic For Steve Kerr Who’s Embarrassed About It

Photo Credit: Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

ESPN Cropped Toni Kukoc Out Of ‘The Last Dance’ Promo Graphic For Steve Kerr Who’s Embarrassed About It


Ever since the premiere of ESPN Films and Netflix’s joint production ‘The Last Dance’, a 10-part documentary about Michael Jordan and the 1990s Chicago Bulls, the basketball world hasn’t stopped talking about Jordan, Pippen and their teammates.

One discussion though was pretty interesting. If you take a look at ESPN’s promotional graphic for the documentary, you can see Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Phil Jackson and Steve Kerr.


Photo Credit: ESPN


While these five certainly are the most commonly know people of the 90s Bulls in today’s world, the original, legendary picture had Toni Kukoc and Ron Harper on it. Both of which were better players, and more important to the team than Steve Kerr.


Photo Credit: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Chicago Tribune/TNS


So why did ESPN cut the two out and add Kerr? Kerr is obviously more famous now, and definitely more recognizable for today’s NBA fans, but cropping out two way more important pieces in favor of the Warriors head coach seems somewhat wrong.

The best part about it is that even Steve Kerr himself seems to agree. Kerr was a guest on Zach Lowe’s ‘The Lowe Post’ podcast and revealed that he’s almost embarrassed about it.


“Toast to Toni… he was such a great player. I’m almost embarrassed, I see these graphics for the Last Dance, these promos. And they have Michael, Scottie, Dennis, Phil and me. You know the ones I’m talking about. And I understand it, the reason I’m on there is because I’m the one who’s famous because I’m a coach of the Warriors, so people recognize me and maybe people wouldn’t recognize Toni Kukoc or Luc Longley or Ron Harper, maybe their faces wouldn’t mean as much to a young generation because this was 22 years ago, but that should really be Toni, I think on that photo, on that promo because he was incredible player.”


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