Spurs Fan Filed Lawsuit Against Zaza Pachulia

Original Photo Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Spurs Fan Filed Lawsuit Against Zaza Pachulia


This is a story straight out of the cabinet of curiosities.

Spurs fan Juan Vasquez has filed a lawsuit against Zaza Pachulia, claiming that Kawhi Leonard’s has had an impact on the fans, season-ticket holders and businesses promoting the Spurs.

The lead attorney Alfonso Kennard Jr. said:


“All we are asking from the court is that this type of behavior, that can and does cause serious injury to our team and those that love it, not be allowed in San Antonio,”

(via KAST12)


Vasquez is seeking damages of $73,000, but mainly wants the court to stop Pachulia from closing out on opponents. So he filed a lawsuit seeking a temporary restraining order against Zaza, that would prohibit him from playing in the Western Conference Finals. Check out the whole lawsuit here.

Thankfully, the request has been denied by the leading judge.

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