Chris Finch Says Jamal Murray Throwing Heat Pack On Court Is ‘Inexcusable And Dangerous”


In a recent turn of events that has sparked widespread discussion about player conduct and on-court safety, Denver Nuggets guard Jamal Murray has come under fire for his actions during the second quarter of Game 2 in the Western Conference semifinal series.

Timberwolves coach Chris Finch described Murray’s decision to throw a heat pack onto the court as “inexcusable and dangerous.”

The incident occurred as the Timberwolves were extending their lead against the Nuggets. Murray, who was on the bench at the time, tossed the heat pack onto the playing area. This act could have had serious repercussions, as players were unaware of the object’s presence, which posed a significant risk of injury.



Kentavious Caldwell-Pope of the Nuggets was quick to notice the heat pack and removed it from the court, potentially averting a hazardous situation. The officials, however, did not witness the event, and therefore no immediate action was taken during the game.

Coach Finch expressed his concerns postgame, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.


“We tried to impress upon them that they’re probably not many fans in the building that have a heat pack, so it probably had to come from the bench, which they found logical,” Finch said. “But yeah, it’s inexcusable and dangerous, and I’m sure it was a mistake and an oversight.”



The Timberwolves’ victory was thankfully not overshadowed by this incident, and no injury happened. However, it has raised questions about the enforcement of game rules and the conduct of players on the bench. While Murray did not address the media following the game, the Nuggets’ frustration was palpable as they faced a crushing defeat.

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