Shawn Kemp Had Three Of The Greatest Dunks In NBA History Within 24 Minutes During The 1992 Playoffs


If you follow our social media channels, you know that we’re huge Shawn Kemp fans. He is one of the best dunkers the league has ever seen, after all.

Few players had as many incredibly savage poster-dunks on opponents than Kemp. Three of his most memorable dunks, also three of the NBA’s most memorable dunks, even came within two quarters of NBA action.

This happened during the first round of the 1992 playoffs against the Golden State Warriors.

First, Kemp had a game sealing alley-oop dunk with less than a minute remaining in a tied Game 3. This famous alley-oop is dubbed as one of the greatest alley-oops of all time.



Then, with about six minutes remaining in the second quarter of game 4, Kemp viciously posterized Alton Lister. One of my favorite dunks of all time, arguably one of the greatest and most vicious poster dunks in NBA history.



Later in that game, only five minutes after the incredible Liston poster, The Reign Man dunked on Chris Gatling. He dunked on him so hard, that Gatling immediately shook Kemp’s hands, acknowledging the incredible play and Kemp’s superiority. I’ve never seen anything like it before and after.


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