Shaquille O’Neal Ignites Victor Wembanyama-Bol Bol Comparison: “Bol Can Do Everything Wemby Can Do”

Photo: Marca


Victor Wembanyama has captivated the NBA world, and rightfully so, as he’s putting up superstar numbers, demonstrating both his recognized and hidden intangibles, and pulling off incredible plays that are unusual for someone his size.

That said, not everyone is as impressed with Wembanyama as others are, including former Los Angeles Lakers big man Shaquille O’Neal. The NBA Hall of Famer is typically known for singling out fellow centers, and he has now clarified why the San Antonio Spurs rookie doesn’t strike him as much. 

Having previously stated that he believes Phoenix Suns center Bol Bol was the first to do what the young Frenchman is doing, O’Neal doubled down on this statement and even amplified the comparison between the two players on his podcast.


“I am comparing, and Wemby wants it more,” O’Neal said. “Bol Bol is lazy as f***. But Bol Bol can do everything Wemby can do and even a little better. Dribble behind the back, shoot the 3, nice handle, the floater game. He’s just lazy.”


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