Steve Kerr Thinks Stephen Curry is More Popular than Michael Jordan


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Steve Kerr Thinks Stephen Curry is More Popular than Michael Jordan


Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr was a teammate of Michael Jordan for five years on the Chicago Bulls and saw the jaw dropping, world-wide popularity of the six-time champion firsthand.

Jordan is considered the greatest player to ever grace the court, but his former teammate is questioning his popularity compared to Stephen Curry’s.

Stephen Curry is a two-time Most Valuable Player and a guy who is singlehandedly revolutionizing the game with his three-point ability. People of all ages love him and attempt to recreate what he does behind the three-point line. Instead of yelling “Kobe” while shooting garbage into the trash can, kids scream “Curry” instead.

Though Kerr sees similar crowds between Curry and Jordan, he is extremely impressed with the way the youth swarms to his point guard.


“The crowd size is similar, but the biggest difference is the children that gravitate toward Steph [Curry], Kerr said, via the Associated Press. “You see so many little kids with Steph [Curry] jerseys begging for his autograph.”


Kerr also feels Stephen Curry’s physical abilities are more relatable than Michael Jordan’s. While it is easier to knock down a three-pointer rather than dunking, kids identify better with Curry, according to Golden State’s head coach.


“They all identify with him,” Kerr said. “He’s probably the rare superstar where an 8-year-old kid can go, `He looks just like me. Maybe I can do it.”


Debating crowd sizes between two great players is silly. Whoever attracts the larger crowd, so be it. Both Michael Jordan and Stephen Curry are some of the best players of their respective eras and have tremendously impacted the game.

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