Shaqtin’ A Fool – Second Playoff Edition 2018

Credit: NBA on TNT

Shaqtin’ A Fool – Second Playoff Edition 2018


Just because it’s the playoffs, doesn’t mean that there won’t be an all new Shaqtin’. So, another week, another episode of our favorite TV-show, Shaqtin’ A Fool. It’s one of the best episodes of the year, with plenty of ‘highlights’.

This week’s nominees are:


  • Charles Barkley being a gross human being
  • A referee working his way down to Evan Turner’s ass
  • Lance Stephenson with a funny travel
  • LeBron James refusing to go back to defense
  • Joel Embiid with one of the funniest turnovers of the year (“Joel, we’re not tanking anymore, you don’t have to do that anymore…”)


Who’s your winner? I think it’s a close one between Embiid and the referee.


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