Rich Paul Flames NBA Players For Spending $200K At Designer Stores While Lowballing Their Agents


Klutch Sports has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity in these past few years as one of the top agencies in the NBA and sports in general.

Behind Rich Paul’s brilliance, Klutch Sports Group has been able to garner huge success, and now represents some of the top talents in the NBA including LeBron James, Anthony Davis, Ben Simmons, Trae Young, Anthony Edwards, De’Aaron Fox, Zach LaVine, Draymond Green and Darius Garland.

Rich Paul now made an appearance on Club Shay Shay and fronted NBA players. The super-agent said that despite their huge earnings, NBA players are under the impression that everybody should be doing stuff for them for free, while they’re splurging on items like luxury clothing and designer bags.


“Our athletes are being taught a certain way. They’re being taught, everybody should be doing stuff for you for free. They’re being taught that.”

We don’t only work on July 1st, we work all year round, but it’s not looked at like that. So you have to start to distinguish yourself from who actually values you and values your expertise because treat me the same way you treat that person sitting behind the counter at the Louis Vuitton cash register.”


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