Retired Bulls Player Says NBA Bubble Complainers Are Tone-Deaf, Tells Them To Think About Minimum Wage Earners

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Retired Bulls Player Says NBA Bubble Complainers Are Tone-Deaf, Tells Them To Think About Minimum Wage Earners


Countless of complaints have surfaced regarding the conditions within the NBA Bubble in which the resumption of the 2020 NBA season will take place. It appears that a lot of these players who live a glamorous life are upset about getting served food and amenities that do not satisfy their expectations.

Following this, retired Chicago Bulls player Jay Williams has had enough and decided to voice out his thoughts about it on Twitter. In his message, Williams urged players to think about the minimum wage earners who are in far worse situations than being in a temporary billion-dollar bubble.


“My NBA brothers, you cannot be tone-deaf right now in this current environment. We all know the life that NBA players live, you are blessed, get a chance to be on planes, get a chance to have millions of dollars in your bank account, you live a different level of life. But that is drastically different than what real everyday working Americans are going through right now.”

“You’re in a billion-dollar bubble. If you want to complain about the anxieties you have from COVID-related issues, I get it, complain about that. But when I hear NBA guys complaining about living facilities, food that they have being delivered to them, it is tone-deaf. Think about people who are everyday working people who are making minimum wage trying to make ends meet that are going to really harsh working environments.”



JR Smith, Rajon Rondo and Joel Embiid are among other players who have drawn attention for showing displeasure over a number of things in the bubble. Fans have called them out for acting entitled and ungrateful as a result.

On the other hand, players like Ja Morant and Jaylen Brown have received good impressions from the fans for not complaining but being content with the situation instead.

Despite the negative sides brought by other players, the NBA appears to be doing anything they can to make sure these players feel comfortable. Recently, it was reported that players will even have access to signature attractions of the Disney World apart from pool access and other entertainment facilities.

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