Reggie Miller’s Says Michael Jordan Is The Undisputed GOAT: “I Will Go To My Grave With That”


In the realm of basketball, the debate over the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) is a never-ending saga that ignites passion among fans and players alike. Recently, NBA legend Reggie Miller reignited this discussion with a bold proclamation, placing Michael Jordan at the pinnacle of basketball greatness, above LeBron James.

During a candid appearance on the “Come And Talk 2 Me” podcast, Miller, known for his sharpshooting and competitive spirit, did not mince words when he declared,


“To me, Michael Jordan is the greatest player. I will go to my grave with that.”


This statement is not merely an opinion; it is a conviction rooted in Miller’s direct encounters with Jordan on the court.

Miller’s perspective is particularly significant given his firsthand experiences battling against Jordan. Over 15 years, Miller faced Jordan in 56 games, a rivalry that provided him with ample evidence to support his claim. He acknowledges the generational divide, understanding why younger fans might lean towards LeBron, as they are more familiar with his era. However, Miller’s encounters with Jordan have left an indelible mark, shaping his unwavering opinion.

The debate often boils down to statistics, championships, and individual accolades, but for Miller, it transcends numbers. It’s about the impact Jordan had on his peers and the game itself. Jordan’s six NBA championships, relentless drive, and iconic moments have set a standard that, in Miller’s eyes, remains unmatched.



While Miller respects LeBron’s incredible achievements and his evolution into a formidable force in the league, his loyalty to Jordan’s legacy is steadfast. He appreciates LeBron’s greatness but maintains that Jordan’s influence during his prime was unparalleled.

Reggie Miller’s assertion adds another layer to the GOAT debate, reminding us that personal experiences and the era one grows up in can heavily influence one’s stance. As the discussion continues, Miller’s firm belief in Jordan’s supremacy serves as a testament to the lasting impression the six-time NBA champion has left on those who had the privilege to compete against him.

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