Kai Jones Opens Up About Requesting A Trade From The Charlotte Hornets


Kai Jones became a controversial figure just before the start of the 2023-24 NBA season. This controversy stemmed from a series of erratic statements and social media posts, which included criticisms of the Charlotte Hornets and his teammates.

As his social media activities escalated, the Hornets announced that Jones would be stepping away from the team indefinitely. During this hiatus, Jones took to Twitter to announce that he had requested a trade from the Hornets. However, rather than facilitating a trade, the Hornets ultimately decided to waive the 22-year-old big man.

Currently without a team in the NBA, Jones recently opened up on the “Vizion Podcast.” In the interview, the former No. 19 overall pick discussed how his relationship with the Hornets fell apart and explained why he requested a trade from the team.


“They were concerned about my social media, my sleeping patterns. They wanted me to see a therapist. I ended up going and felt like therapy wasn’t helping. Mitch tells me I’m not allowed to do training camp. That was when I’m like I’m off.”


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