Rasheed Wallace Thinks The 2004 Detroit Pistons Would Destroy The 2017 Golden State Warriors


The Golden State Warriors were arguably the best team of all time. Fresh off a record-breaking 73-win season, they added then-Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant, making their championship run seemed like a foregone conclusion.

And dominate they did, steamrolling through the playoffs with a scorching 16-1 record, capping it off with a gentleman sweep against the Cleveland Cavaliers who had upset them in seven games the season before.

The Warriors were just too much to handle and would eventually cement themselves as arguably the best team of all time. However, former Detroit Pistons forward Rasheed Wallace would like to have a word.

On “The Sheed & Tyler Show,” Wallace boldly claimed that the 2004 Detroit Pistons, a championship team he was a part of that famously beat the Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers, would beat the 2017 Warriors.


“We have an NBA record that will never be broken,” Wallace said Thursday on the “Sheed & Tyler show,” presented by Underdog NBA. “We kept six or seven teams under 70 points. In this scoring era, that would never get broken again. We were defense, we hung our hat on defense.

“We would’ve beat the s–t out of them. I’m gonna address that because … Draymond [Green] said this bulls–t the other day on his and Shaq’s podcast. We would have beat the sh–t out of them because of the simple fact that they couldn’t match up with us at any position.”


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