32 Years Ago, Michael Jordan Had His Infamous ‘Shrug-Game’ In The NBA Finals



In Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals, Michael Jordan went off for 39 points, including six three-pointers. After hitting his sixth three-pointer, Jordan turned to Magic Johnson, who was sitting courtside as an analyst for NBC, and shrugged his shoulders. The shrug became an iconic moment in NBA history, and it is often used to represent Jordan’s confidence and dominance.

Jordan was a notoriously competitive player, and he always wanted to prove himself against the best. The Trail Blazers were led by Clyde Drexler, who was considered to be one of the best players in the league at the time. Jordan was determined to show that he was the better player, and he did just that by scoring 39 points and hitting six three-pointers.

Jordan’s shrug after hitting his sixth three-pointer was a way of saying, “I’m not even trying.” He was so confident in his abilities that he could make a three-pointer with ease. The shrug was also a way of showing disrespect to the Trail Blazers. Jordan was basically saying, “I’m so much better than you that I don’t even have to try.”

The shrug became an iconic moment in NBA history because it perfectly captured Jordan’s confidence and dominance. It is a reminder that Jordan was not just a great player, but he was also a great competitor. He always wanted to win, and he would do whatever it took to win.


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