On Thursday, The Lakers Will Unveil The Kobe Bryant Statue In Front Of Crypto.com Arena


Last year, the Los Angeles Lakers announced their plans to erect a statue as a tribute to late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

This week, the time has come, as on February 8th, the highly anticipated unveiling of the Kobe Bryant statue will finally take place. The excitement is palpable, and fans are eagerly looking forward to witnessing this enduring tribute to a player who went beyond the boundaries of the game.

LeBron James, the current face of the Lakers, now was asked about the statue, and which iconic Kobe image comes to mind first, when thinking about Kobe – an image, that could be the foundation of the Kobe statue:


“I don’t think he has one image that pops into my head to say that’s the one that should be immortalized on the statue,” LeBron responded. “There are too many memories, too many plays, too many moments, that he had.”



Whatever image the Lakers chose to represent Kobe, the statue will forever immortalize the legacy of the Black Mamba, capturing his fierce determination, unparalleled skill, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

The unveiling of the Kobe Bryant statue will air live on Spectrum SportsNet on February 8 with event coverage starting at 3 pm pacific time. 

Public access to the statue will be limited Feb. 8 due to the unveiling ceremony and event load out. All guests and fans entering the statue ceremony must present their specific ceremony ticket for in-person access. 

Fans can then visit the Kobe statue on Star Plaza outside Crypto.com Arena beginning the morning of Friday, Feb. 9.

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