LeBron James Acknowledges Injuries Are Weighing The Team Down Amid Their Recent Struggles


The Los Angeles Lakers haven’t quite met the expectations set for them before the season began. While they’ve shown improvement from last season and are currently above .500, they’ve had a tough time against good teams, evidenced by a major 44-point loss to the Philadelphia 76ers in one of their recent matches.

In their defense, the Lakers have struggled with injuries, consistently missing key players in every game. Jarred Vanderbilt hasn’t played a single game this season, Gabe Vincent has appeared in only four games, and players like Rui Hachimura and Cam Reddish have also missed games.

Now, following the Lakers’ latest 23-point loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lakers superstar LeBron James highlighted injuries as the cause for their team getting worn out in their latest games.


“You could see the bodies we don’t have start to wear on us, especially against a team like OKC.”


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