Rasheed Wallace Suggests Michael Jordan Was An Overrated Defender: “Wasn’t All That Of A Good Defender” 


Not only was Michael Jordan a scoring machine with 10 scoring titles during his career, but he also established himself as a defensive stud with nine All-Defensive Team selections and even earned the Defensive Player of the Year award in 1988.

Jordan’s defensive resume is undeniable, yet not everyone acknowledges his defensive prowess. One notable skeptic is former Detroit Pistons star Rasheed Wallace, whose playing career overlapped with Jordan’s for six seasons.

Wallace knows defense when he sees it. However, when it comes to Jordan, Wallace seems to think differently. Appearing on “Underdog NBA,” Wallace stated that the Chicago Bulls legend wasn’t even a good defensive player.


“[Michael Jordan] wasn’t all that of a good defender… I’m talking about being out there. I seen this motherf*cker get his a** bust, where he couldn’t stop a motherf*cker… I’m not saying he didn’t play defense. I’m just saying that his defense wasn’t as high as most other cats at that time.”


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