Westbrook-Embiid Feud Close To Escalating

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Westbrook-Embiid Feud Close To Escalating


We haven’t had a proper feud between two NBA All-Stars in quite some time. But last night’s game between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Philadelphia 76ers confirmed that Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook can’t stand each other.

What has developed in prior games between the two seems to be peaking right now. Yesterday’s game and the aftermath was pretty intense, but let’s first go back in time to see where it all started.


December 2017:

As Steven Adams fouled out of the game, Joel Embiid waved goodbye to the Oklahoma City crowd. The Thunder ended up winning the game though, and Russell Westbrook celebrated the victory in style by mocking Embiid’s wave.




January 2018:

Joel Embiid posterizes Russell Westbrook and stares him down.




Last night:

Embiid crashed into Westbrook on a fast break towards the end of the game. A hard foul indeed, but Embiid already was in the air when Westbrook moved under him. I didn’t think it was on purpose, but it looked pretty bad. Westbrook was incredibly furious and had to be held back after trying to go after Embiid.



Later in the 4th, with only 15 seconds remaining, Westbrook fouled Embiid on a three point attempt and Embiid trolled Westbrook by waving goodbye.





After the game, Westbrook and Embiid made it clear that they don’t like each other. The two didn’t shake hands after the game and when asked by a reporter if things were “cool” with between the two, Westbrook responded in true NSFW fashion.


“F*CK NO!”



Embiid respoded:


“I don’t know why he was mad. But he’s always in his feelings…”


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