Paul Pierce In Shock After T-Mac Ranked LeBron Ahead Of Magic

Photo Credit: ESPN’s The Jump

Paul Pierce In Shock After T-Mac Ranked LeBron Ahead Of Magic


Not a single day goes by without someone comparing LeBron James to a former star player. Jordan, Kobe and Magic are the players LeBron’s legendary status gets compared with most frequently.

This was no different on ‘The Jump’. Scottie Pippen, Tracy McGrady and Paul Pierce were in the studio. They were asked to choose their all-time starting five.

Tracy McGrady was the only one who picked LeBron James over Magic Johnson, which left Paul Pierce in shock.


Pierce: Has he passed Magic?
McGrady: He’s a better player than Magic.
Pierce: Has he passed Magic all-time now?
Pippen: Not in my eyes.
Pierce: See! So, how do we talk about Jordan if you don’t think he’s passed Magic?
McGrady: If I’m starting my five, I’m gonna put LeBron. I’m not putting Magic. I’m putting LeBron in my five.
Pierce: Wow. WOW! Wow. Oh my goodness. Oh, man. Magic!? Magic? He’s passed Magic Johnson?
McGrady: I’m just saying, if I’m doing my starting five, LeBron James is in my starting-five lineup.
Pierce: And Magic’s not?
McGrady: Nah, I can’t. No.
Pierce: Oh my goodness.



Paul Pierce may still be a little salty that he got destroyed by James so many times. Tracy McGrady seemed to be the only one not speaking out of emotion.


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