Patrick Beverley Takes Aim At Tyrese Haliburton After Lakers Win: “I Remembered His Words, I Took It Kind Of Personal”

Photo by Dylan Buell/NBAE via Getty Images

Patrick Beverley isn’t someone who needs extra motivation to go out on the floor and play extremely hard. But Thursday’s win against the Indiana Pacers was a bit different for the 34-year old defensive-minded guard.

For Beverley, it was a chance to get a sense of retaliation against All-Star guard Tyrese Haliburton who apparently made some comments about him over their interaction during a game between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Sacramento Kings last season.


“He [Beverley] looked at me dead in my eyes as I walked off the court and was like you lucky I wasn’t guarding you tonight. I would’ve locked that shit up. I’m like, what?”



Beverley caught wind of Haliburton’s comments and admitted that he took it personal as they went head-to-head on Thursday night.


“I heard Haliburton did an interview a while ago and he mentioned my name and for a first-year guy to mention my name, especially with all the work I’ve done in this league defensively, I felt it was I wouldn’t say disrespectful, but I remembered his words,” Pat Bev said. “I took it kind of personal and I wanted that challenge tonight. Coach gave it to me.”


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