Nikola Jokić Shows Up Dressed Like “Gru” From “Despicable Me” For Lakers Game & Also Plays Role In Newest Trailer


NBA superstar Nikola Jokić has made a surprising appearance in the latest trailer for “Despicable Me 4”. The Denver Nuggets’ center has now ventured into the animated realm, much to the delight of fans worldwide.

The “Despicable Me” franchise returns this summer with its fourth installment. And who better to join the ranks of Gru and his lovable Minions than the two(almost three)-time NBA MVP himself?

It’s not just a cameo; the trailer cleverly plays on Jokić’s resemblance to Gru, the franchise’s protagonist. In a humorous therapy session, Jokić discusses how people often compare him to the animated character, especially when he dons a particular grey suit. The comparison is brought to life with tweets and social media posts, adding a layer of meta-humor to the advertisement.

As Jokić tries to convince his therapist that it doesn’t bother him that people say he resembles Gru, a group of enthusiastic Minions appear, cheering him on from outside the window.



Then, before the Denver Nuggets’ 2024 NBA Playoff opening night game against the Los Angeles Lakers, the reigning Finals MVP fittingly showed up dressed as Gru, including the infamous scarf.



After the game, the Jokić was asked about the cameo and his outfit in his post game press conference, where he said that he ‘loves Gru and the cartoon’.



This clever marketing move not only highlights Jokić’s sense of humor but also serves as a testament to the global appeal of both the NBA star and the “Despicable Me” series.

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