LeBron James Didn’t Want To Pay For Twitter Blue, So Elon Musk Is Paying It For Him

Getty Images

Ever since Elon Musk has bought and taken over Twitter, things have changed here and there.

Twitter’s newest implementation ist Twitter Blue – a new subscription-based service that provides exclusive features for users who subscribe, such as the ability to undo tweets, customize app icons, access to exclusive content, and the blue checkmark next to the user name, that had previously been used to authenticate popular users, companies and members of the media.

With Twitter Blue, all others who were verified before list their blue checkmark, leading to some major criticism. But even though most notable athletes also lost their blue checkmarks, there was one NBA player whose still had a verified account: LeBron James. Last month, LeBron tweeted that he won’t be paying anything to keep the checkmark, but since he still has the blue, fans were wondering if he changed his mind.



Well, turns out that Elon Musk himself is paying for LeBron James’ Twitter Blue. Musk admitted he is paying for some prominent Twitter accounts to retain their blue ticks, that, aside from LeBron, include Stephen King and William Shatner.


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