Giannis Antetokounmpo Almost Signed With Adidas – He Didn’t, Cause They Didn’t Offer Contract To Thanasis


In the high-stakes world of sports endorsements, few stories resonate with family loyalty as does that of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s partnership with Nike.

Giannis, affectionately known as the ‘Greek Freak’, faced a pivotal moment early in his career when major sportswear brands vied for his endorsement. However, it was Nike’s willingness to embrace his family values that ultimately sealed the deal. The tipping point came when Adidas hesitated to offer a contract to Giannis’ brother, Thanasis, casting doubt on their commitment to supporting the Antetokounmpo family as a whole.


“We walked and this guy we were talking to, I could see his energy changed, he was really short with mom, really short with me. He was like, ‘Go to the office and wait.’ We were waiting for 45 minutes, and then he brought the contract and he put it in front of me…

I was like, ‘Ok, great, [but] where is my brother’s [contract]?’ And he was like, ‘No, we’re not going to sign your brother today. We will sign yours first, and then we’ll bring your brother during the weekend to sign his.’ No, thank you,” Giannis superstar said. “A lot of people say Giannis made a mistake not signing with Adidas instead of Nike. He got fired two-three years later. I love him, he was one of the nicest guys to me and my family.”


For Giannis, this was a non-negotiable aspect. Thanasis, who shares Giannis’ passion for basketball, was not just a sibling but a teammate in life’s challenges and triumphs. Giannis’ loyalty to his brother and the importance of family unity were the guiding principles in his decision-making process.

Nike’s decision to extend an offer to Thanasis, long before the brothers’ rise to stardom, demonstrated an understanding of these deep familial bonds. It was a move that went beyond the transactional nature of sponsorships, reflecting a shared ethos of solidarity and mutual respect. This gesture resonated with Giannis, who has always prioritized the collective success of his family over individual accolades.


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