New Teammtes Dennis Schröder And OG Anunoby’s Hilarious First Exchange Since 2021 Altercation


On April 7, 2021, in a game between the Toronto Raptors and Los Angeles Lakers, Lakers point guard Dennis Schröder and Raptors wingman OG Anunoby shared a little altercation.

After Schröder fouled Anunoby in the first quarter, OG picked him up and dropped him back to the ground WWE style.



After the game, Schröder said he viewed Anunoby’s reaction as “unnecessary” and said the Raptors star didn’t “need to go WWE” on him.



Now, a little over two years later, with Schröder signing a two year deal with the Raptors, he and Anunoby are finding themselves being teammates. 

The two now met in Las Vegas for the first time since and hilariously talked about their altercation from back then, with Anunoby saying that Schröder “flopped”. 


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