Larry Nance Jr. Defends Zion Williamson Amid Report Surrounding His Development: “I’m In The Gym With This Dude”


Ever since stepping onto the NBA court as the first overall pick for the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson has kept both fans and critics engaged. His career in the NBA, while full of hype and electrifying plays, has also had its controversies and skepticism.

Amidst the spotlight generated by Williamson’s recurring health concerns, questions regarding his game development have also taken center stage. With Williamson focused on getting back in shape, NBA insider Ric Bucher shifted the narrative, questioning Williamson’s commitment to improving his floater and pull-up jumper.


“Where are the floaters, up-and-under layups, his pull-up jumpers at the elbow?” Bucher asked. “Now, from what I’ve been told, he’s shown no interest in developing any of those tricks.”


However, this report did not go unchallenged. Larry Nance Jr., a key player for the Pelicans, felt the need to address the criticism. He made his thoughts known on Twitter, refuting Bucher’s claims and adding that he sees Williamson constantly working to hone his game.


“I don’t understand the constant attempt to drag Z’s name.. I’m in the gym with this dude all season and he’s consistently putting in work on his touch, jumper, and skill shots. These dudes need to stop putting out fake stories just for clicks. It’s pathetic.”


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