Like Luka, Victor Wembanyama Says NBA Is Better, But ‘Less Physical’ Than EuroLeague

Photo: NBA Analysis Network


During last year’s Eurobasket, Luka Doncic raised some eyebrows, when he claimed that Europe plays better team defense than the NBA despite the NBA featuring better defensive players.

This weren’t his first NBA-Europe comparing statements, as a couple of years prior, the Slovenian superstar explained that scoring is easier in the NBA. 

Now, this year’s number one pick and future superstar, Victor Wembanyama shared a similar opinion. After his 27 point Summer League game, the 19-year old described the difference between playing in the NBA, compared to EuroLeague.

While praising the NBA, Wembanyama also said that it is less physical.

“First of all, the court is more open [here]. It’s going fast, but it’s less physical. I get fouled a lot, but not as much. Nothing to compare. Here, players are just flying. Out there, it’s more on the ground, pushing on the ground, big box-outs.

Here, it’s great athletes, the best in the world. Way more talent. But I like this better, though.”

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