NBA Twitter Reacts To Lakers’ Controversial Timeout Call In In-Season Tournament Win


In a dramatic turn of events, the Los Angeles Lakers advanced to the semifinals of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, thanks in part to a controversial timeout call by LeBron James.

With just 11 seconds left on the clock and a slim 105-103 advantage, the Lakers were poised to seal the game by successfully inbounding the ball, drawing a foul, and sinking two free throws. However, their intentions were thwarted by a sudden eruption of chaos.

Austin Reaves fumbled the ball, granting the Suns a chance to either level the score or emerge victorious. Fortunately, LeBron James exhibited exceptional foresight by promptly calling a timeout to retain possession.

The problem with this situation? Reaves didn’t seem to have possession of the ball when James called the timeout. Since the ball was loose, the timeout should not have been granted and the Suns should have been able to gain possession on the live ball.



While the referees stood by their call,


“During live play the official felt that LA still had possession of the ball when LeBron James requested the timeout. Through postgame video review in slow motion replay, we did see that Austin Reaves had his left hand on the ball while it’s pinned against his left leg, which does constitute control.”


NBA fans didn’t share this sentiment. Check out, how NBA Twitter reacted:


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