Josh Hart’s Hilarious Attempt At Mind Games With Brook Lopez


The NBA’s In-Season Tournament has been providing fans with plenty of excitement, and last night’s quarterfinal game between the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks was no exception. In a game that featured some intense back-and-forth action, one of the lighter moments came courtesy of Knicks guard Josh Hart.

Hart, who is known for his talkative nature on the court, was mic’d up during the game, and he couldn’t resist trying to get into the head of Bucks center Brook Lopez. As Lopez was guarding Hart in the post, Hart jokingly told him that he had a mismatch.


“I know when you got the ball in the post against me it’s a mismatch. Don’t be scared if you gotta pass it out!”



Fans on social media enjoyed Hart’s attempt at mind games with Lopez. Many people found his comments to be hilarious, and they praised him for his ability to keep things light.

“Josh Hart is a national treasure,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“I love Josh Hart’s energy,” another person wrote.

“Josh Hart is the best trash talker in the NBA,” another person wrote.

Whether or not Hart’s comments were effective in throwing Lopez off his game, they certainly provided some entertainment for fans. And that’s what sports are all about, right?

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