NBA Twitter Destroyed Gilbert Arenas For Wanting The NBA To ‘Get Rid Of All Europeans’


Former All-Star, Gilbert Arenas, recently made another one of his controversial statements. This time he blamed European players for the lack of defense in the NBA.

Arenas argued that European players do not learn defense, as they do not go to college in the US, where defensive skills are taught. He also claimed that European players are not athletic, fast, or good at jumping, making them defensive liabilities. He suggested that the NBA should “get rid of all Europeans” to improve the quality of defense in the league.


“I know what they can do. Get rid of all Europeans…

You go to college to learn defense. What college do Europeans go to? They have no athleticism. They have no speed, no jumping ability. They are a liability on defense. They are 150 Euros in the league today… name the top defenders. None! Just Rudy and the Greek Freak. Other than that, they are offensive players.

The NBA took away aggression,” Arenas said. “They took away aggression to open up the EuroLeague. When they first started getting here, it was too rough for them. They didn’t make it. Eventually, they softened the rules. They didn’t soften the rules for the Americans. They softened the rules to open up international.

So when they say the euros are going to run the league in the next five years, why do you think that? More threes, passing, cutting — this is not our league, this is not the American style, this is the Euro style. Drive in, suck the defense in, pass the ball to the three-point line.”



This biased and divisive opinion completely ignores the reality of the NBA. Without going into detail, naming Rudy Gobert, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Victor Wembanyama, Kristaps Porzingis, Franz Wagner, Bilal Coulibaly… should get the job done.

Either way, as you can imagine, NBA Twitter also was not too pleased with Arenas’ take, and was quick to shut him down.



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