Teenagers Wearing Lakers Merch Break Into Intuit Dome Giving Themselves A Tour, Shooting Some Hoops


The Los Angeles Clippers’ new, state of the art, 18,000-seat Intuit Dome, is set to debut in the 2024-25 NBA season.

The new arena, that cost around $2 billion will be the most modern arena in the NBA with some really impressive features. The scoreboard for example, will be four times the size of most NBA scoreboards. The arena will also feature one toilet for every 27 seats in the arena’s upper deck. an unmatched ratio in the NBA.

However, what the $2B arena apparently doesn’t feature is security, which might be the most Clippers thing after all.

Either way, the lack of security now was the reason for some teenagers breaking into the building sight at night, giving themselves a little tour, while even getting up some shots… all that while wearing Lakers pajama pants.

Also maybe not the greatest idea to record yourself committing a crime and posting it online, without censoring your faces.


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