NBA Scout Explains Why The Lakers Will Get Their Revenge On Denver This Playoffs


Arguably the most talked-about first-round series is the rematch between the Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers. This time around, the Lakers are looking to flip the script on last season’s Western Conference Finals 4-0 sweep.

As things currently stand, the Nuggets, fresh off their championship and an eight-game win streak over the Lakers, are the clear favorites to win the series. However, some see a glimmer of hope for the revenge-seeking LA team.

While currently situated in the 7th spot, the Lakers have made significant strides from last season and have added valuable pieces that could tip the scales in their favor. In light of this, an anonymous NBA scout sees the Lakers taking down the Nuggets in six games. 


“I’m picking the Lakers, because they’ve got their mojo going. They played great at the end of the year. They got their lineup set with Rui Hachimura now. Denver’s just not as good (as it was last year). Yes, they’ll have the home court, which is significant. But they’re just not the same team. This has been said all year: Losing Bruce Brown and Jeff Green is going to be important come playoff time. … They’re relying on young guys, Peyton Watson and Christian Braun. …

I think the Lakers are very dangerous. They’re playing at a very high level. They’re playing with confidence.”


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