Larry Nance Jr. Hilariously Throws Jab At Jontay Porter During Presser: “I’m Not Betting, No Jontay Porter!”


In the aftermath of a crucial victory that clinched the 8th seed for the New Orleans Pelicans, Larry Nance Jr. brought more than just his basketball skills to the post-game press conference. With a room full of reporters hanging on to every word, Nance Jr. delivered a line that was both a playful jest and a clever nod to recent NBA drama.

The Pelicans had just secured their playoff spot by defeating the Sacramento Kings 105-98, despite the absence of star player Zion Williamson. It was a display of teamwork, with six players scoring in double digits, and Nance Jr. contributing a solid 13 points in 21 minutes. But it was his post-game commentary that stole the show.

When asked about the team’s upcoming challenge against the top-seeded Oklahoma City Thunder, Nance Jr. couldn’t resist the opportunity to reference the recent controversy involving Jontay Porter.


“Respectfully, I’m bettin’ on the Pels. I’m not betting, no Jontay Porter. I’m not betting on anything. I don’t own a betting app, none of that,” he quipped, eliciting laughter from everyone present.



The joke was a clear allusion to the unfortunate situation of Jontay Porter, the former Toronto Raptors player who was banned from the NBA for life due to involvement in prop betting. Porter’s infractions included disclosing confidential information to sports bettors, limiting his own participation in games for betting purposes, and betting on NBA games himself.

Nance’s remark was not just a moment of levity but also a reminder of the serious consequences that come with violating league rules. As the Pelicans gear up to face the Thunder at the Paycom Center, Nance and his teammates are ready to bring their winning momentum to the court, with or without the jokes.

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