NBA Fans React To Victor Wembanyama’s Highlight Filled Game Vs Miami

Photo: Getty Images


The upcoming season has everyone watching the San Antonio Spurs closely, all thanks to French standout Victor Wembanyama. The No. 1 overall pick is the biggest prospect since LeBron James and is poised to make an immediate impact the moment he steps onto the court.

Standing at a towering 7-foot-4, Wembanyama combines height with guard-like skills. His ability to shoot from the perimeter and handle the ball is impressive, but there could be more to the Frenchman’s game that remains unseen.

Even though he’s primarily a center, Wembanyama seems confident in his ability to step up as a point guard for the upcoming season if needed. This was one of the things that could be seen in last night’s preseason game between the Spurs and the Miami Heat.

In the game, Wembanyama was a walking highlight reel, and not only collected enough highlights for half a season, but also 23 points, four rebounds, four assists, and four blocks in only 22 minutes of game action.

As you can imagine, NBA fans were in awe, and reacted accordingly:


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