NBA Fans Fear Paul Pierce May Lose Job After He Said The N-Word On Live TV


After retiring from the NBA in 2017, Paul Pierce has transitioned to the world of media and has made a new career out of running his mouth.

Things always become especially interesting when Pierce has done something controversial – no matter if that was done accidentally or on purpose.

On a recent episode of ‘Undisputed’, Paul Pierce used the N-word during a live broadcast, while discussing the performance of New York Knicks guard Donte DiVincenzo.


“I just didn’t think what they were doing was sustainable,” Pierce said on air. Turning to Johnson. “Look at this. The first three games — look at this, look at this n***a, Key.”



Pierce’s comment led to an awkward moment on the show, with co-hosts reacting in real-time. This slip has sparked discussions and concerns about the potential consequences for Pierce’s role on the show.


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