End Of Inside The NBA? NBC Set To Reclaim NBA Broadcast Rights As TNT’s Reign Ends


In a seismic shift for basketball broadcasting, Bill Simmons has indicated that TNT is set to lose its NBA rights to NBC, marking the end of an era for the network’s long-standing association with the league. This transition not only signifies a change in network but also casts uncertainty over the future of the much-loved studio show, ‘Inside the NBA’.

TNT has been synonymous with NBA broadcasts for over three decades, providing fans with memorable moments and unparalleled coverage. However, according to Simmons, the deal has been sealed, and NBC is poised to take over the broadcasting rights. The official announcement is pending, likely awaiting the conclusion of the playoffs, but the implications are already being felt.

NBC, which previously held NBA rights from 1990 to 2002, is reportedly ready to make a grand return to NBA broadcasting. The network is prepared to invest heavily, with figures suggesting a bid of $2.5 billion to secure the rights. This move could potentially bring back the iconic ‘Roundball Rock’ theme song and introduce a new era of NBA coverage.

The potential shift to NBC has raised concerns about the future of ‘Inside the NBA’, the beloved studio show known for its charismatic hosts Ernie Johnson, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and Shaquille O’Neal. The show has been a staple of TNT’s NBA coverage and is widely regarded as one of the best sports studio shows ever produced. Its unique blend of analysis, humor, and camaraderie has endeared it to fans for over two decades.

As negotiations unfold, the fate of ‘Inside the NBA’ hangs in the balance. There’s speculation that the show could move to a streaming platform like Amazon Prime, which is expected to secure a portion of the NBA broadcast rights. However, such a move could separate the iconic crew, as Barkley has hinted at leaving if TNT loses the rights, and Johnson is expected to stay with Warner Bros. Discovery.

The NBA’s decision to partner with NBC could open up new opportunities for the league’s coverage. With the rise of streaming services and changing viewer habits, the NBA is looking to diversify its broadcasting strategy. The inclusion of Amazon Prime in the mix indicates a push towards a more digital-focused approach, catering to a broader audience.

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