Talent Evaluators Say Bronny James Will Likely Not Be ‘NBA-Ready’ For Multiple Years

Photo Credit: Jay Laprete/Associated Press

Talent Evaluators Say Bronny James Will Likely Not Be ‘NBA-Ready’ For Multiple Years


LeBron James is a freak of nature. He’s in his 20th year in the NBA, still hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and arguably still is one of the best players in this league at age 37.

But when you think about the NBA average, which James clearly is no part of, the question of a possible retirement often is the elephant in the room for players in their mid-thirties. LeBron though has no plans of retiring before 2024. That’s when his son, LeBron James Jr., could play in the NBA.

Bronny is about to start his senior year at Sierra Canyon School, and has become one of the top recruits in his class. According to some reports, LeBron James will be willing to leave the Lakers, or any team for that matter, to have the opportunity to play alongside his son.

But many question the talent of James Jr., and are under the impression that the hype he generates is solely because of his superstar father.

One big question remains: we know LeBron James’ contract lines up with when Bronny can first become draft-eligible, but will Bronny himself be NBA ready then?

Per Dana O’Neil of The Athletic:


“No one thinks Bronny is a one-and-done player, nor does his current recruiting ranking project him as one … Most coaches and scouts who spoke to The Athletic say Bronny might not be NBA-ready after two or even three years. He might develop into an NBA player, but the consensus is that it will take time. They say he needs reps against other high-caliber players to succeed, to fail, to adjust, to grow.”

“Evaluators say Bronny’s path to the NBA might be aligned more with a player such as Villanova’s Josh Hart. A top 100 player, Hart became the Big East’s sixth man of the year as a sophomore and finally following his senior year, a first-round draft pick in 2017. He is not an NBA star; he still will make $12 million with Portland this year.”


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