More Troubling Details Emerge From Miles Bridges’ Arrest Warrant


In July of 2022, Miles Bridges was arrested for felony domestic violence in Los Angeles. Bridges broke his partner’s nose and fractured her wrist, with the victim also suffering a torn eardrum and torn muscles in her neck from being choked unconscious, as well as a severe concussion.

But Bridges avoided jail time by pleading no contest, it was revealed that he therefore is facing three years of probation as part of the agreement with prosecutors, and has to undergo 52 weeks of both domestic violence counseling and parenting classes, as well as serving 100 hours of community service, while also undergoing weekly narcotics testing.

The entire mess of a story however is far from being fully told, yet. We reported earlier this week that a criminal summons was issued for Bridges for an alleged violation of a protective order that was part of the deal, according to Mecklenburg County court records.

The criminal summons also alleges Bridges to have thrown billiard balls at his ex-girlfriend’s car, damaging her windshield. During the exchange, he threatened to withhold child support and “take everything from her,” according to the summons. Bridges is also facing a child abuse charge because there were children in the car when the vehicle window broke from the billiard balls.

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