Matisse Thybulle Tagged His Own Mural In Heartfelt Goodbye To Philadelphia


In 2020, defensive stopper Matisse Thybulle became the unlikely hero of the NBA Bubble in Orlando when he started vlogging and documenting the experience.

All of the personally shot and edited footage was amazing, and documented this historic event perfectly. It easily compared to the video quality of some of the best Youtubers. Tisse quickly became the Casey Neistat of the NBA and had appearances on the biggest late night shows and news channels.

This, and his stellar defensive performances, led to Tisse becoming a fan favorite, not only in Philadelphia, but in the entire NBA. Thybulle even has a huge mural in the city of brotherly love.

During this year’s trade deadline however, Thybulle was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers, where he’ll begin a new chapter in his career. Before leaving, the wingman made sure to leave his thank you and appreciation to the fans and the city of Philadelphia and even filmed himself committing a crime.

Thybulle stopped by his mural, tagging it with  “Thank you Philly” and his signature.



It was well received. Not only by fans, but also by the owner of the building, a bar called Garage Fishtown.

Per The Philadelphia Inquirer:

“It’s such a sweet comment, and the response has been pretty loving towards Matisse. It was a nice little goodbye.”


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