Chris Miller Completely Rips Colin Cowherd For Yet Another John Wall Criticism

Photo Credit: CSN Mid-Atlantic

Chris Miller Completely Rips Colin Cowherd For Yet Another John Wall Criticism


Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd has been criticizing John Wall ever since he came into this league. On last Thursday’s ‘The Herd’, Cowherd renewed his criticism, saying that John Wall has no star power, and no endorsements, and that people don’t care about the Washington Wizards.


“I think the Wizards aren’t even popular in their home town. Seriously, I think Washington is probably the least-interesting good team in the NBA. Think about this: Think about John Wall as their best player. Great player, nobody disputes that. In D.C. alone, he’s not as big as Bryce Harper, he’s not as big as the biggest three or four Redskins players, he’s not as big as Ovechkin, he’s not as big as Trump. I’m not sure he’s as popular as Tony Kornheiser. He doesn’t have star power. Where’s his big shoe deal? Where are the endorsements for John Wall? John Wall is a great player, he doesn’t have any star power. … Steph Curry’s got star power. Westbrook’s got star power. James Harden, the beard’s got star power. Aaron Rodgers, the look, the commercials, star power. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, that’s star power. John Wall’s got no star power, no influence in the league, none. Nobody goes to their games in D.C. I know Washington’s history better than the average Wizards fan does. Nobody wants to watch the Wizards. Wall doesn’t have any fans.”


Cowherd has been going after Wall ever since his first home game, when he did the Dougie to fire up himself and the crowd.



This renewed rant by Cowherd, made CSN’s Chris Miller so angry, that he had to go on an rant himself. He had some strong words in the defense of Wall directed to Cowherd.


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