Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Tells How He’d Fare In Today’s NBA, Says Shooting Threes Would Be A Test

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Basketball pundits surely love to engage in hypothetical scenarios and make cross-eras comparisons. For a number of interesting questions, one that is always asked is how a player of the past would fare in today’s NBA.

The modern NBA is known for the rise of three-pointers. Even centers have fully embraced this evolution and are now shooting more threes than ever. This being the case, just how would a center like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who only hit one three-pointer in his career, translate in today’s NBA?

Kareem is highly regarded as one of the best players in NBA history. He was a six-time NBA champion, a two-time Finals MVP, a six-time MVP, and a prolific scorer who previously held the NBA’s all-time scoring record which stood for nearly 40 years.

There’s no doubt that the legendary big man would be a dominant force in today’s league just as he was in his own time. That said, Kareem himself believes that being able to shoot from the outside would be a test for him. 


“I know I’d be able to contribute positively to a team. I’d have to work on and see how effective I was from the 3-point line because now everybody has to be able to shoot 3-pointers. That’s an additional test that the game provides, you see teams that have a guy that can shoot 3-pointers that is a 7-footer, the potential of his versatility really adds to what a team can do.”


Although three-point shooting has become a more important skill in today’s NBA, Kareem has made it known that he wouldn’t stray away far from the basket and settle for a skyhook or jump shot from the outside, but instead work himself inside and get a high-percentage look. 


“No, I’d get the ball as close to the basket and shoot a high-percentage shot. That’s the way you win the game.”



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