Madonna Once Offered Dennis Rodman $20 Million To Get Her Pregnant


Today is Dennis Rodman’s birthday… to celebrate, let’s throw it back to one of his craziest stories ever.

During his active playing career, Rodman was mainly known for his fierce defense and rebounding abilities in the 1990s. He also was one of the NBA’s ‘baddest Bad Boys’ with plenty of controversial off court stories.

One of Rodman’s craziest stories, of which there are a lot, came to surface during an appearance on 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club. On the show, the five-time champion revealed that Madonna once called him while he was gambling in Vegas to inform him that she was ovulating. So Rodman put a hold on the table, jumped on a plane Madonna had sent, flew to New York, did his business, flew back to Vegas and continued gambling.


“Oh I tried…. I was rolling the dice in Vegas, that’s a good story, and she’s in New York. She calls: ‘Dennis, you got a call from Madonna!’ he just screams it, right. I said ‘to hell with you man, that’s bull crap.’ He said ‘no Dennis, you got a call from Madonna’. I said ‘hold the dice,’ get the call she said ‘Dennis, you know I’m ovulating.’ I said ‘WHAT?’….

‘I’ll be there in five hours’. So I put the dice down and said ‘hold the table’. So she sends a plane for me, G5, went to the airport, flew here, went over to here house, did my thing, went back on the plane, they had held the table, and started playing dice again.”


As you all know it didn’t work out, and Dennis did’t get Madonna pregnant that day, and when asked if he was disappointed that he wasn’t able to impregnate her, Dennis revealed that there was a lot more in store for him than making a baby – $20 million!


“No! Well, well, she asked me if I got her pregnant, she paid me $20 million.”


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