NBA Twitter Loved Jamal Murray’s Epic Moment With Kevin Harlan After Half-Court Buzzer-Beater


It’s not just the high-flying dunks or the clutch three-pointers that capture the hearts of basketball aficionados—it’s also the unscripted moments of pure, unadulterated joy and surprise. One such moment came courtesy of Jamal Murray of the Denver Nuggets, whose half-court buzzer-beater gave rise to an iconic interaction with TNT announcer Kevin Harlan.

As the clock wound down to halftime during Game 4 of the second-round matchup, Murray intercepted a Timberwolves pass and launched a Hail Mary from beyond half-court. The ball sailed through the air, and found its home in the net as the buzzer echoed through the arena. The crowd erupted, but it was Jamal Murray’s stone-cold stare down with Harlan, in the midst of calling the shot, that became the snapshot of the night.



NBA Twitter went ablaze, with fans and pundits alike sharing the image of Murray and Harlan locked in a moment of mutual acknowledgment. It was as if time stood still, the player and the announcer sharing a silent conversation understood by all who love the game. Harlan’s call, reverberated across the internet, as clips of the shot and the subsequent stare circulated with fervor.



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