Lou Williams Calls Out Jimmy Butler For Sitting Out All-Star Game

Photo Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

Lou Williams Calls Out Jimmy Butler For Sitting Out All-Star Game


The new All-Star Game format came through. Sunday’s game was the best All-Star Game in recent years. It dramatically came down to the wire and there even was some actual defense played.

But, not every All-Star on the roster played. Minnesota Timberwolves swingman Jimmy Butler spent the whole night on the bench, without actually playing one second.

Apparently, Butler was tired and asked Mike D’Antoni to give him some rest. Butler said:


“Rest, I have to rest. I have to rest my body up. This Timberwolves season is very, very important to me. I’ve got to make sure I’m ready to roll when I get back there.”


Is this the true story though? One thing is for sure; Butler really was in need for a rest. He leads the league in minutes played per game at 37.3, something he’s used to after being coached by Tom Thibodeau for most of his career. But, there were rumors about him sitting out due to being hung over.



If it was rest or a hangover, Butler not playing for a single minute made Lou Williams angry. The Clippers guard thought he was snubbed and would have loved to play his first All-Star Game. If Butler had declined the invitation, either Williams or Chris Paul would have been his replacement. Lou took his disappointment to Twitter and trolled Butler.


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