Nikola Jokic On Motivation For Playoff Run: “We Want To Go To Las Vegas Again To Party”


As the NBA playoffs approach, the Denver Nuggets are not just playing for another championship ring—they’re also looking forward to the celebrations that come with it. Reigning Finals MVP Nikola Jokic recently shared the team’s unique motivation for their 2024 playoff run: “We want to go to Las Vegas again to party.”



This candid revelation from Jokic reflects the high spirits within the Nuggets’ camp. The team, which is still riding the high of last year’s championship—the first in their franchise history—is eager to replicate the success and the subsequent festivities that had the city of Denver buzzing.

The Nuggets’ championship parade last season was a spectacle that united fans and players in a city-wide celebration. Memorable moments included Jokic and his teammates enjoying the victory to the fullest, with scenes of jubilation flooding the streets of Denver. The team’s desire to relive those moments is a testament to the camaraderie and the culture of success they’ve built.

On the court, the Nuggets have been formidable, securing a home-court advantage for the first two rounds of the playoffs¹. Their first-round matchup is set against the Lakers, a team they’ve dominated in recent encounters, including a 3-0 season sweep. With Jokic at the helm, the Nuggets have shown they possess not only the talent but also the tenacity to overcome any challenge.

The Nuggets’ confidence is not unfounded. They boast an impressive home record and the altitude of Denver’s Ball Arena has always been an advantage they’ve capitalized on.

As the Nuggets gear up for what promises to be an exciting playoff run, the stakes are high, and so is their spirit. The allure of Las Vegas celebrations is an unconventional but compelling motivator. It’s a reminder that while the pursuit of excellence is serious business, the joy of success is equally important.

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