Larsa Pippen Says Her Relationship With Marcus Made Things Awkward Between Michael Jordan And Scottie Pippen


Last year, when news broke that Scottie Pippen’s ex-wife Larsa started dating Michael Jordan’s son Marcus, of all people, NBA media was in shock.

And while the two were often heckled by fans, in real life and on social media, it has been relatively quiet since…  Until last week, when Michael Jordan revealed that he does not approve of his son dating his former teammate’s ex-wife.

Since Larsa and Marcus had previously claimed that Michael reached out several times to say he’s okay with the relationship, Marcus then suggested that his father was tipsy, while Larsa said she was embarrassed and even traumatized by Jordan’s comments.

Now, Pippen opened up a new chapter in the drama, by saying her relationship with Marcus has made things ‘awkward’ between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen:


“I feel like it’s probably awkward for them, for my ex and [Michael], but I get it. I’m not crazy. I understand it’s different for them.” 



Even without this relationship, Scottie Pippen has been critical of Michael Jordan over the past few years anyway, especially after ESPN’s documentary “The Last Dance” was released.

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