LAPD Investigating Excessive Force During Arrest Of Jaxson Hayes Following Release Of Arrest Video

Photo by Glenn James/NBAE via Getty Images

LAPD Investigating Excessive Force During Arrest Of Jaxson Hayes Following Release Of Arrest Video


Last week, we reported that New Orleans Pelicans big man Jaxson Hayes was arrested in Los Angeles, following a brawl with Los Angeles Police.

During the brawl, Hayes got tasered and eventually taken into a hospital. The Pelicans were aware of the situation, while working on additional information. A report by TMZ then sheds some light on the case. They tased him for two and a half minutes.


“Police tell us they received a call for a “domestic dispute” around 2:50 AM Wednesday morning … and when they responded to the location of the alleged incident, officers say they made contact with Hayes in the front yard.

Cops say while talking to Jaxson, the 6’11” hooper attempted to go inside. They ordered him to stop, but he didn’t listen … and then things turned physical. Police claim Hayes pushed an officer into a wall.

LAPD says the 2 officers were able to get Jaxson to the ground, but he continued to resist — and attempted to get up. Police say a taser was deployed twice during the fight — which they say lasted “approximately 2 and a half minutes” before they were able to cuff Hayes.”


Then yesterday, TMZ released the video of Hayes’ arrest [we reported], filmed by his friend who was present and it looks nothing like LAPD claimed it to be. Sadly, police seemed to be the aggressor – not only against Hayed but also against his friend filming. 



If any of those officers in this video really needed to go to a hospital, then you know it’s some fishy sh*t again. it simply is the same old story again.

Upon the reaction to the video of the arrest, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore revealed that a categorical use of force investigation was launched into the arrest of Hayes.

Per Fox LA:


“Officers made contact with a male, later identified as 21-year old Jaxson Hayes, in the front yard of a residence,” an LAPD statement said. “It was later determined that Hayes is (a) professional basketball player for the National Basketball Association. Officers informed Hayes they received a call at the location and needed to speak with the victim, but requested Hayes remain outside while they did so.

“Body worn video captured Hayes repeatedly attempting to enter the residence despite officers blocking his path and verbal commands for him to remain outside,” police said. “Officers requested a backup and they attempted to place Hayes’ hands behind his back; however, Hayes broke free of the officers’ grasp and pushed one of the officers into a wall.”

“Once on the ground, Hayes attempted to get up and continued resisting officers,” police said. “Officers utilized two deployments of the taser, as well as body weight and physical force during the altercation, which lasted for approximately two and a half minutes before officers were able to handcuff Hayes.”


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