Dwyane Wade Reminisces On Marquette’s Unforgettable NCAA Tournament Run in 2003


During the magical 2002-03 NCAA season, Dwyane Wade led the Marquette Golden Eagles on a captivating and unexpected journey through the NCAA Tournament, capturing the hearts of basketball fans with his dazzling skills, leadership, and clutch performances.

Before the 2003 NCAA Tournament, Dwyane Wade had already established himself as a force to be reckoned with in college basketball. His versatility, athleticism, and ability to take over games were evident throughout the season, but it was during the tournament that Wade truly became a household name. The stage was set for a March Madness journey that would etch his name in the annals of NCAA history.

Marquette entered the 2003 NCAA Tournament with a solid record and a talented roster, but few expected the extraordinary run that awaited them. Seeded as the fifth team in the Midwest Region, the Golden Eagles, under the leadership of head coach Tom Crean, embarked on a remarkable journey filled with nail-biting victories and unforgettable moments.

The first moment of true brilliance came in the Sweet 16 matchup against the top-seeded and heavily favored Kentucky Wildcats. Facing a double-digit deficit, Dwyane Wade put on a spectacular show, scoring 29 points, grabbing 11 rebounds, dishing out 11 assists, and delivering a performance that propelled Marquette to a stunning comeback victory.



Buoyed by the momentum from the Sweet 16 victory, Marquette faced the Missouri Tigers in the Elite Eight. Once again, Dwyane Wade took center stage, scoring 26 points and securing a decisive win that sent Marquette to the Final Four. Wade’s clutch plays and ability to elevate his performance on the biggest stage solidified his status as one of the tournament’s most electrifying players.

In the Final Four, Marquette faced the Kansas Jayhawks in a battle that would determine who would compete for the national championship. While Marquette ultimately fell to Kansas, Dwyane Wade’s impact on the tournament and the basketball world was indelible.

Yesterday, Wade was a guest at the Kansas vs Marquette Game at the Maui Invitational and reflected on making the Final Four 20 years ago.


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